Wear and Bare Rucksacks: Be Too Cool for School (When in Manila Feature)

Check out why every student, professional, travel bug and wanderlust MUST own an AUSTIN Rucksack from Wear & Bare.


The following content is from When In Manila’s feature:


written by Sky Gavin

(COO and writer of When in Manila)

It has always been hard for me to find a unique bag that I like. I don’t really like the colorful ones that are a bit bulky; instead, I want something that can accompany me everyday and on my travels.

Rucksacks are pretty much the cooler version of backpacks. Their style and material vary and they can add a few details that will make your bag look more stylish.

Wear and Bare is owned by Angela Martinez and she sells cool rucksacks. She started a business in 2012 selling bags and clothes online. Her bags are made in Marikina and other sewers to supply the demand of her products.

Be Too Cool for School with Wear and Bare Rucksacks

The rucksacks are made of canvas and come with a leather closing. Canvas bags are pretty nice because they’re easy to clean; you can just throw them in the washer and they’re good to go.

I brought this rucksack with me on one of my recent travels and it can actually fit clothes for 5 days plus a few toiletries. It is also perfect for school as it can fit your books, notebooks and other personal belongings. Since it is a drawstring bag, it is also easy to open and close, but you might want to tie it more tightly if you decide to wear it on your back.

Be Too Cool for School with Wear and Bare Rucksacks

I had a few friends ask me where I got my bag and whether it comes in other colors because it looks really cool. Plus, you can even fit your laptop in it! My 14-inch laptop fits in the bag along with my DSLR, so it’s actually perfect for someone who goes out for work or is always on the go.

Be Too Cool for School with Wear and Bare Rucksacks

The side and front pockets are perfect for any small items that you need to store. I placed a few small bills and coins in the side pockets, too, because they’re easy to reach, even when in a hurry.

Be Too Cool for School with Wear and Bare Rucksacks

Wear and Bare

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